How Qlinq was started

One Monday morning in May a few years ago, after visiting a concert over the weekend, I make my way past dry cleaners and shoemakers to wash a suit and fix a heel on a pair of oxford shoes. On the way up from the tube to the office, I will, as many do after receiving something to be saved, check so I placed the notes from the dry cleaner and the shoemaker in my wallet and not in any pocket. Very true, I had put the dryer’s note in my pocket while the shoemaker’s note was well in my wallet. 

When I was looking my best, I also found this weekend’s wardrobe slip from the concert left in my jacket pocket. Somewhere in that moment I swear inside and say to myself:

 ”How is it possible that these notes are not digital?” – Niclas Jakobsen, founder.

I will call my brother later in the day who will answer immediately

 “Smart idea, we solve it through an app” – Hampus Jakobsen, founder.

And that’s the way it is. The team was quickly expanded with a cousin to the brothers and then the tech incubator, 42 Group, joined. Now, a few years later, the core consists of 8 people who are actively working to develop Qlinq into an app in each smartphone.

How is it possible that these notes are not digital? 

Niclas jakobsen
Founder, Owner